Abandoned 1900s Ontario Time Capsule

The Abandoned 1900s Ontario Time Capsule was a random find while out & about with Zenning with Zay.  We were sick of being locked inside during the pandemic so decided to do our own version of social distancing.  As we were driving into a small town I spotted what looked like an abandoned house.  We quickly turned around & Zay ran up to check.  Sure enough it was abandoned!

Once we were inside the house started to reveal all its secrets!  There was so many interesting things left behind on the main floor but I started my adventure upstairs while Zay started downstairs!

The upstairs had some sweet paint peels which I love as well as some decay.  But, there was only two item left behind.  A chair & a vest hanging on the door.

The stairs were really awesome & I loved how symmetrical it was when I stood looking at them.  As you know I am a huge fan of spiral staircases but in reality I'm a sucker for all stairs as long as they have some character!  Now let's go check out the main floor of the Abandoned 1900s Ontario Time Capsule!

The kitchen was amazing & filled with some many interesting things.  There was an old wood stove, a few hutches, several oil lamps & figurines.  I also noticed there was an old water pump for the sink.  That's when I realized there was no plumbing in here & there was also no electricity!  This was a VERY old abandoned house!

The living room also had a lot of interesting items with more furniture, figurines & yet another wood stove.  The stove pipe went to the second floor & up & through one of the bedrooms & out.  We were loving this place but there was still more to check out!

The last room in the Abandoned 1900s Ontario Time Capsule was especially interesting.  The colour & textures on the walls were perfect for setting the scene!  The old rocking chair, sewing machine & smaller items were really amazing finds. We were pretty lucky to find a place where everything was in such incredible condition & no vandalism anywhere!  This was such an amazing find & it really made our exploring day!

3 thoughts on “Abandoned 1900s Ontario Time Capsule”

  1. Thank you. That was amazing to see the antiques and old papers. Glad to see it hasent been trashed. Happy you keep locations secret. Awesome find!!

  2. Don’t know if you got a response on the Youtube link or not – the COCF on the medal appears to be “Canadian Order of the Chosen Friends.” It was a fraternal organization kind of like the Masons or Elks club. There’s a Wikipedia page with the name spelled out – it was an international organization, apparently.

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