Abandoned $8 Million Custom Mansion

After many attempt over several yeas, Zenning with Zay & I finally explored the Abandoned $8 Million Custom Mansion!  We knew it would be an epic explore, but we had no idea just how amazing it really was!

The Abandoned $8 Million Custom Mansion is roughly 12,000 square feet!  On the upper floor was six bedrooms & four bathrooms.  What was odd to me was that the master bedroom had two bathrooms off of it.  One originally seemed to be a main bathroom but was later closed off & opened up to the master.  It also had a whirlpool tub in it!

In one bedroom there was a human anatomy dummy which I am pretty sure these units aren't cheap.  It led me to believe that who ever lived here really wanted their child to be a doctor of sorts!

The upper floor had a huge open area where the front foyer was with a wrap around landing.  This was just such an incredible space. The spindles & wainscoting really classed this place up!

The kitchen was a bit odd when you look at the rest of the Abandoned $8 Million Custom Mansion.  It seemed dated & didn't even slightly align with the res of the place. Just off the kitchen was a stuffed duck which at the time seemed a bit random.

The main floor had three huge rooms that were likely family/living rooms.  Two of them which were at the front of the mansion were in great condition.  At the back, one of the rooms was suffering from water damage causing the ceiling to start to come apart & the flooring to buckle.  There was also a dining room which had some major decay happening!

Now for the best part!  The front entrance & staircase! This was absolutely stunning!  The wood work, size & light were breathtaking!  I have been is some pretty amazing places but this one is definitely a top for 2020 if not all time!   As always, I shot it from every possible angle I could think of!

Some things could have easily been overlooked by the just how grand the entrance was but I did my best to pay attention.  The backstairs was off the upper level & led directly to the garage.  Then there was the main chandelier!  Plus, which really brought the class to this place was the decor.  I am not sure if these were knock offs or actual antiques, but they were very elegant!

The last place to check out was the basement.  The beautiful staircase did lead down there but the basement wasn't anything like the upper floors.  It was big but very dark from all the wood colour they selected.  There was also what appeared to be an apartment down there.  The rooms were mostly empty but there still were quite a few books, games & even golf balls!  I am happy to finally had the chance to explore the Abandoned $8 Million Custom Mansion!  It seems patience eventually pays off!

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