Abandoned House with Antiques

Some places are worth a revisit & this Abandoned House With Antiques is definitely one of them!!  Zenning with Zay & I had both explored this abandoned house but only recently we explored it together!

It had been a few years since my last visit but even longer for Zay! What surprised ups both that nothing had changed! I mean, wallpaper had fallen from the ceiling, more so than before but aside from that nothing else!

This time I started off my explore of the Abandoned House With Antiques. Right away I noticed that a lot of the wallpaper that had previously been drooping from the ceiling had now fallen. This was good thing as it made going through the hallway much easier!  I had honestly forgotten what this place was like as it had been several years since I been.  But I was pretty happy to remember it & see it was still just as awesome!!

Then back down to the main floor to check out the kitchen! The old washing machine & refrigerator were awesome! I was actually quite surprised to not only still see them there, but to also be in the exact same spot! Of course had to hoot the stairs from all anlges & even found a new one which is the second last in the set!

Then its on to the dining room & the main floor bedroom.. The chairs in the dining room were setup by Zay several years ago, even before I went! Pretty cool to see they were exatly the same. Just the same, that main floor bedroom was identical! But what about my favourite area?

Sure enough this amazing room was the same. I remember moving that television to where it currently sits & was surprised it was still there. Then again the thing weighs a heck of a lot! All in all, this was an awesome revisit to an equally awesome place!!

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