Abandoned Mega Mansion

I was skeptical that this Abandoned Mega Mansion was actually abandoned.  The front gates & long snaking driveway up to it was well kept.  It wasn't until I got word form another explore that yes, it was indeed abandoned!  I had a few hours to kill one afternoon while Zenning with Zay was at work so made the drive to check it out.  I certainly was not disappointed!

Now before I get into the explore, I wanted to mention I did find some information about the previous owners. But, I cannot revea too much information as it would put this place at risk for damage by vandals & looters. The original owners of this very unique Abandoned Mega Mansion ran a very successful real estate & development company. Outside of that I am unable to give any further details unfortunately.

This incredble custom mansion sits on sprawling acrage & is surrounded by trees. The atual size of this plae was astounding & from the front view you would never know. It wasn't until I went around the back that it became clear that ths was inded an Abandoned Mega Mansion!!

The basement was clearly setup for partying! Not only were there many walk-outs to the massive pool, there were several rooms clearly geared for entertaining! There also was a hidden hottub & sauna room! Plus a bar, games room & a big chill room with fireplace!

The main floor in the west wing of the mansion was super dated! It was pretty funky to say the least with wallpaper & decor straight out of the 60's & 70's! This area had three bedrooms, each with its own full bathroom. It was really starting to give off a private resort vibes at this time! Certainly not like ay other abandoned mansion I have explored!

As I made my way up to the top floor of the west wing, the theme remained locked in time! The shag carpet, psychedelic wallpaper & really everything down to the toilet was original! It was like taking a step back in time!

Going back to the main mansion area & leaving the wing is what I would consider the central/main part of the mansion. There was a top floor however it was smaller with only a few rooms that were quite large & seemed to be office areas. Keep in mind this area was probably around 2,000 square feet in total!  There were numerous other bedrooms on the second floor, most of which had items left behind.  Some rooms still had clothing in the closets.  The master bed & bath were pretty amazing!  The master bath featured a jacuzzi tub, access to the master bedroom closet, a sauna & even a sunroom!  It was pretty incredible!

This place just kept going on & on!  The main floor had plenty of storage rooms but some of the best parts were the kitchen, dining room, ballroom & the huge sitting room with wooden beams!  The place was beyond incredible but there was still more!

astly we check out the starcases! Yes plural as there were three!! There were two winder staircase that were gorgeous. Then there was the main staircase. THe whole foyer/grand entrance was kind of weird to ay the least. Sure, it was pretty amazing but also a huge waste of space. That said, ths place already had acres of space it it so who cares about a bit of waste! Pretty epic explore I must say!!

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  1. early seventies and you did a good job showing this house. Maybe they rented rooms to wealthy people. I am old so I experienced the sixties and seventies and am now grateful to be in the now. (Design wise).

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