Abandoned Nazi Collector House

I must say I have found some pretty interesting things in my days of explore but not much can compare to what we found inside the Abandoned Nazi Collector House!!

Zenning with Zay & I have passed this house on many occasions & often wondered about it.  Sure it was overgrown & rundown looking but this is in the country.  Not an uncommon sight.  But on a rainy day we drove past it & it was looking very abandoned so we decided to give it a try.  Sure enough, it was abandoned & a mess!

I started my explore in the upstairs of the Abandoned Nazi Collector House & it was already pretty amazing! There were three bedrooms & all were still made up as if the family just left for the day. This obviously wasn't the case but it certainly gave that vibe. There was signs that the owners were elderly.  The clothing, decor & the shower chair.

Now the upstairs of this house was pretty awesome but the real treasure was on the main floor. At first it seemed like most other time capsule but as we started looking closer at things is when we knew we had found an incredible place.

As you can clearly see the collection was extensive.  Some many little items to look at & take in.  It was really incredible seeing all of this & knowing the history it held.  Yes, the history s rather dark but at the same time it shaped the world in which we live in today.  Plus, I along with many of you reading this have some connection to the war.

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