Abandoned Sexy Retreat Time Capsule Discovery

In May of 2017 I was out on an adventure & as the day wound down I decided to have a look at a location I had found a few months earlier while searching Google maps for places to explore. I drove to the location & immediately noticed the driveway was quite over grown. This was a good sign! Parking a distance away, I hiked towards the driveway with hopes of finding something decent & not just a barn. I couldn't see anything from the road & the trees were in full bloom so I was either in for a surprise or just a nice hike in the bush. As I reached the crest of an incline I immediately knew I had found something special. There was a house, a fairly big house that looked to be rather in tact. My heart raced as I felt like I was just walking up on someones house but at the same time I had just walked up a VERY overgrown driveway that hadn't been used in years. I circled the house looking for a way in & was about to give up until I rounded the last corner to find a door. I hold my breath, turn the knob & push. It opened! I stick my head in & call out "Hello?!". Nothing, so I proceeded to enter. As soon as I step inside I am in the kitchen & see this.
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I was shocked by what I had found.  This was by far one of the best Abandoned Time Capsule House I had ever discovered & explored!   From all the digging I could find, the family is still alive but the mystery around why the house has been left in limbo has been unanswered.  Perhaps one day I will solve the mystery!

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