Abandoned 1990s Party House

At the end of 2023 I explored this Abandoned 1990s Party House with Carlo Paolozza & Zenning with Zay!

This place has always intrigued me when ever I passed by it.   It stands out in a neighbourhood that is full of mansions with its unique design.  I've always wondered if it truly was not lived in & that was confirmed by our friend, Freaktography who had recently checked it!

I wasn't able to really find out that much about this place.  The average home in the area sells for $4,000,000 which sounds like a lot.  But not for this neighbourhood.  I personally don't see the value but I guess its all about location.  The abandoned 1990s Party House didn't really feel like a place you could relax.  Perhaps fully furnished it was a different story.  But as it sits empty, it has a cold, clinical feel to it.

The inevitable fate of this place will be demolition.  So many homes in this neighbourhood are bought, demolished & rebuilt.  Such a wasteful society we live in but also opens up new places to explore!

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  1. Considering the blue toilet and old wallpaper in one of the bathrooms, the house looks to be from the 70s instead of the 90s.

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