Pristine Abandoned Country Mansion

This Pristine Abandoned Country Mansion was one I had been waiting on.  Where it was located it, it was clear the land would be desirable to developers.  Sure enough, when Zenning with Zay & I were in the area I noticed that property was no longer kept!  Looks like today was the day to finally see inside!

We were a bit sketched out at first as there was a lawnmower sitting there & a small section of grass was cut. I decided to take a closer look & could see inside the place was empty. I was surprised when I reached for the door & it was unlocked.

This century home had several additions done over the years making it the grad size it is these days. It was last listed on the market for a staggering $5.5 Million! The s acre lot is in a prime location for development which is why I kept my eye on it! There is already plans for a townhouse development so it will be demolished.

It was quite a large place to explore. I certainly enjoyed what it had to offer. As much as I do enjoy decayed places, I also appreciate a well built home! This one, despite all the add-ons over the year, was still quite beautiful!  Although there really isn't much to say about this pristine abandoned country mansion in term of history, It certainly was a loved home & had been for decades.

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