Abandoned Country Time Capsule

It was two years ago that I first visited the Abandoned Country Time Capsule.  Some places are just so good they need to be revisited & this was definitely one of them!

The main reason I wanted to come back to this place was that there was already a lot of decay & I wanted to see if if had gotten any worse.  When we arrived I noticed that doors had been left wide open.  I was a bit disappointed to see that but I knew that could let even more of the element inside.  I was expecting to see the places in a real mess but was actually quite surprised!

Everything on the grounds looked the same as when we first explored it together.  This was actually a Zenning with Zay discovery that she brought me to in 2018!  Despite looking like it would be easy to spot, this place is very rural & there is no streetview or even somewhat decent satellite imagery.  The best kind of explore because you actually have to get out & look for it!

The kitchen & living room looked the same for the most part. There was more decay in the kitchen & the sudden appearance of a can of unopened Palm Bay! The living, as you can clearly see was caved in but that was already like that. No real change there!

The enclosed porch was a pretty nice area!  I could imagine people sitting there during the bad weather, watching the storm & having some family time!  The Staircase of here had some pretty wild carpeting as you can clearly see!  Definitely was dated & gave the vibe of a cottage.  I loved that the decor at the front door of the Abandoned Country Time Capsule was still set up!

Now my favourite part of this time capsule has to be the upper floor. Three bedrooms, still setup & mostly untouched! THis is always so awesome to find! Its as if they left one day, never to return! The old toys & games are always a treat to find. It did seem some fo the games were missing but they may have just been kicked uder a bed.

Now a few details shots to show some of the more interesting things left behind!  Although not much if anything had changed, I still very much enjoyed the revisit!  This time capsule is a hidden gem & I hope to revisit it again in a few years to see the progress!

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  1. I would love to come across such an amazing find! It seems lately that all the places I find are all vandalized and spray painted. Love the creepy doll, too! That’s classic!

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