Abandoned McMansion Apartments

While out on a random drive I came across this Abandoned McMansion Apartments.  Situated on a busy street I didn't expect to get in, but I did!

There was a small strip of houses varying sizes that all seemed to be abandoned.  My guess was a developer bought them all up one at a time with plans to demolish them & build condos in their place.  I had tried a few & was starting to the I was out of luck but then I tried this one!  Much to my surprise I found a way in!  I wasn't too sure what to expect as the house was modern looking, but once inside I was puzzled.

RIght away I noticed that this was not a normal house. It seemed as if it was a group home as I noticed several apartments throughout the main floor. I also noticed there was a laundry room that had two stackable units & there weas instructions on the door. This was definitely not a normal house!

As I made my way upstairs I found several more apartments. Some were tiny like a bachelor size & others had a few rooms. From the outside this house didn't look all that big, but inside it seemed to keep going. I wouldn't call it an actual mansion, but a mini mansion seemed fitting!  For the most part it was empty inside.  There was quite a few appliances left behind which was weird as most of them seemed still in working condition.

It was then I realized that when I went upstairs in the Abandoned McMansion that I had missed a room at the top of the stairs! Turns out this was the best room in the whole place!  It pretty much had everything left behind & was decayed & pretty gross to be honest!  It made for some pretty cool shots!

As with any abandoned place, if it has a good staircase I will shoot it! This staircase was pretty decent but I was limited on the angles. Pretty happy with how they came out! In all, it started out kinda boring but then it redemmed itself so I was happy with this explore!

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