New York State Insane Asylum

This New York State Insane Asylum was a pretty interesting place to explore! Zenning with Zay & I had no intell on this place so we decided to see how we would make out being obvious & wandering the grounds. It didn't take long for a worker to approach us. Fortunately he a cool with us as long as we stayed away from the buildings as most of the were condemned! There were no ways in at all & it was clear they were keeping a VERY close eye on the place!

Constructed in the late 19th century, this imposing structure was once a beacon of hope for the mentally ill. Over the years, the hospital, also known as the New York Insane Asylum, became a symbol of progress in psychiatric care.

This State Hospital was designed by Isaac Perry, an architect renowned for his work in Gothic Revival style. The building's grandeur and meticulous detail were intended to create a therapeutic environment. Patients at the New York Insane Asylum received treatment and care in this tranquil setting.

As decades passed, the New York State Insane Asylum faced challenges. Increased patient numbers strained resources. The hospital underwent expansions to accommodate the growing demand for mental health services.

By the mid-20th century, there was a notable shift in societal attitudes towards mental health. Consequently, institutions like the Binghamton State Hospital experienced a decline. Alternative treatment methods gained popularity, leading to a dwindling number of patients.

Today, the New York State Insane Asylum stands abandoned, serving as a relic from an earlier era in mental health care. Its sprawling grounds have become a canvas for urban explorers and historians alike, echoing with the whispers of its past inhabitants.

Visitors are immediately struck by the haunting beauty of its architecture. Nature has begun to reclaim the once-imposing structure, adding a layer of eerie charm to this forgotten place.

The legacy of the New York Insane Asylum serves as a reminder of the evolution of mental health treatment. Exploring its halls offers a glimpse into a complex and often misunderstood chapter of history.

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