Abandoned Neptune Resort

In April of 2024 Zenning with Zay & I visited the Abandoned Neptune Resort in Fort Myers.

In Fort Myers, nestled among the coastline, lies the eerie remnants of the Neptune Resort. Built decades ago, the resort was a beloved vacation spot. However, in 2022, Hurricane Ian ravaged the area, leaving the resort in ruins.

Walking through the overgrown paths of the Abandoned Neptune Resort, one is struck by the haunting atmosphere. Windows were shattered by the storm, and since have been boarded. Nature has begun to reclaim the once-vibrant grounds.

The history of this site can still be felt. Surrounded by mystery, it beckons explorers and history enthusiasts alike. Visitors are captivated by its beauty despite its state of decay.

Over the years, the Neptune Resort has become a symbol of resilience. Although it was destroyed, its story lives on. As time passes, it remains frozen in a state of picturesque abandonment.

The aftermath of Hurricane Ian serves as a stark reminder of nature's power. Yet, amidst the wreckage, there is a sense of quiet reflection.

In conclusion, the Neptune Resort stands as a testament to the relentless passage of time. As the elements take their toll, this forgotten gem of Fort Myers continues to intrigue and inspire.

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  1. I miss the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes before you started using AI to proof. We used to take a drink for every mistake.

    1. Well, that makes me feel good knowing I brought so much pleasure to “all of you”! Feel free to go back & reread those blogs to help with the long weekend festivities!

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