Decayed Abandoned Retirement Home

At the end of an amazing day, Freaktography & I explored this Decayed Abandoned Retirement Home. Everything was going well but then things escalated very quickly!

Located in a run down part of town stands The Residences, an abandoned retirement home that whispers stories of a bygone era. Built in 1902, this brick building originally bore the institutional name of the Widows’ and Single Women’s Home Society. With community-type living accommodations, it was designed to house 27 individuals. Inside, it featured an infirmary, a living room, and a dining room—each space once bustling with life and now eerily silent.

As you walk through its deserted halls, the transition from vibrant past to desolate present is palpable. The faded wallpaper and cracked tiles tell tales of countless meals shared, friendships forged, and lives lived within its walls. Additionally, the infirmary stands as a stark reminder of the care and compassion that once flowed through this place.

We had arrived at the Decayed Abandoned Retirement Home just as it was getting dark. We weren't too concerned about being in thee as the neighbourhood was run down. Once inside, the place had been pretty beat up, but it was still an interesting explore.

We had taken all the picture we thought we were going to & were now filming. Thing is, it was getting dark. So we had our mega bright flashlights, blasting out the windows & everything. I hate those type of explores but here we were! We ended up in a new area we had not yet explored. It was going great, but then I heard something. It was shouting. I paused to look out a window.

There, charging towards the building, seemingly furious was a man. Shouting "YO YO" repeatably & getting closer. Freak wanted to wait, but I said we needed to go. We still needed to find a way out & this dude was furious & close! I finally convinced Freak to go & I found a window to dive out....literally! Well, you need to watch the video to see what all transpired!

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  1. Sorry for missing this video because I was in the hospital last week RiddimRyder Photography and Freaktogaphy

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