Creepy Abandoned Country House

For years I have wanted to explore this Creepy Abandoned Country House but the timing was never right.  It was either too dark or too much activity nearby.  That said, on a recent road trip during a blizzard Zenning with Zay & I finally had the "perfect storm" & had the opportunity to explore it!  The roads where terrible & only a few cars, including us dared to be out in it!  I always had high expectations for this massive red brick beauty & as I stepped inside I was not disappointed!

This Creepy Abandoned Country House sits on a fairly busy road with a few very active houses across the street.  The barns are still actively used making this a not so easy one to explore unless you go during a blizzard which is why we were successful!  From the outside, not only was it creepy looking but I suspected it to be huge inside!  It certainly was & I would say that when it was built it was quite mansionesque!

I started my explore in the upstairs of this house starting at the back by the servants quarters.  This was at the top of the second staircase & had a small bathroom with a decent sized bedroom right beside it.  The steep staircase leading up was flanked with flower patterned wallpaper that was holding up remarkably well considering how decayed the house was.  A stove pipe was exposed at the top allowing heat from the kitchen wood stove to radiate out & warm this side of the house.  Moving from left to right of the house I passed through a room that was very decayed with the ceiling falling in on it self.    The rooms were all quite large & featured high ceilings & large windows.  The last room I entered upstairs was very decayed.  So much so that a hole in the roof was essentially burrowing its way right through & into the basement!  It was a bit of a risk to enter this room however with temperatures in the double digits below freezing & a keen eye for structural flaws, I knew I was safe to enter.

Now for the main floor.  Off the kitchen at the back of the house was what I suspect a mud/laundry room.  This was a large room that likely served many other purposes even including servants/farm hand entrance as original use.  The kitchen itself was quite small considering the rest of the house & had a very small bathroom off it that also led to the servants staircase.

Off the kitchen was a gorgeous dining room featuring some amazing woodwork!  The ceiling was incredible & showcased the wealth this family once possessed!  This room seemed to have been the show piece as it was the only one with the gorgeous ceiling as well as wainscoting.  Off that room at the front of the house was another huge room, likely a living room & this was directly below the room with the hole in the floor.  It was pretty wild being able to look up through the hole in the ceiling & then through another ceiling & then through the roof.  The damage from water here is likely irreversible sadly.

At the back of the house behind the decayed room was a small room that may have been a library but really I have no idea.  It was small than the rest but did feature a closet.  Beyond that was a very large room that seemed to have last been used as a games room based solely on the fact there was a cheap old pool table left behind.  Now here is what truly excited me about this place!!

The pièce de résistance was the staircase!   The double landing staircase had me so excited the moment I set eyes on it which is why there is 8 photos of them!  I would have taken more however despite the blizzard conditions outside, there was a wicked glare coming in from the reflection of the snow.  This was such a amazing location & I am glad to have finally explored it!

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  1. My ex-husband’s family owned this farm until about 2005. Spent many hours there but I didn’t know how truly huge it was!
    Thanks for the tour!

  2. Thank you so much for exploring this house! We have often wondered about it and have sadly watched it decay over the past 15 years. For some reason this house captured our hearts and imaginations.

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