Abandoned $5,000,000 Mansion with Indoor Pool

While exploring an upscale neighbourhood I was told to try an abandoned mansion by Carlo Paolozza. Unfortunately I could not find my way in however days later my good friend Freaktography messaged me saying he found a way in! Within hours of him telling me I was there to conquer it! The house has sat vacant for several years after failing to sell in auction.

As you enter through the front doors you are greeted with an absolutely gorgeous staircase...but we'll get back to that shortly.  There is a large kitchen with even larger eat in area.  Multiple sitting rooms, a small bedroom & a larger family room.  Directly behind the grand staircase is an indoor pool!

The stairs.  My god they were absolutely incredible!  As much as I love a good spiral staircase, these were amazing!  The split half way up, the surrounding balcony & of course the woodwork was all so stunning.  It really saddens me that it has been left here to rot.

The upper floor had 4 bedrooms in total.  The master & another were huge & there were two smaller ones.  The house was owned by a very wealthy family who put it up in an action, among other personal items & were willing to sell it for $5,000,000.  It had been listed at just under $6,000,000 however between the listing & auction it didn't sell.  They wanted to move into a newer house on the same street but I am not entirely sure if that ever happened.

Moving on to the basement.  Now this was really cool!  The dungeon themed basement would have been an absolutely amazing place to party with a large bar & sitting area. There was also a trophy room, wine cellar & plenty of storage space!

Last but certainly not the least is the indoor pool!  This space was absolutely stunning featuring 26 floor to ceiling windows with some of the nicest woodwork I have ever come across!  Even after sitting abandoned for several years, this space was absolutely amazing to see in person.  Hopefully through my video & photos you too will feel what it was like being in there!

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