Creepy Abandoned Research Facility

Definitely an interesting explore was the Creepy Abandoned Research Facility!  Zenning with Zay & I explored this place tice together!

Hidden along a highway in a remote area of the province is an old one room school house I explored with Zenning with Zay.  The school house was originally built in 1950 to accommodate a larger student population.  The original school house located down the road was eventually turned into a private residence.  This school house was in operation for 16 years before the decision was made to close all one room schools & bus children to larger facilities.

In 1966 the school house with a unique stone facade was sold to a university  who used the building as a research facility.  There were a few trailers on the property, a boat & inside the schools house was set up with a kitchen, common area & sleeping quarters.

At first it didn't really seem like much.  Just a lot of random items throughout left behind.  It wasn't until I really started digging in that things started to reveal them self.   At this point I still had no idea what this place was but my curiosity was piqued & I had to find more.

Then i began to notice jars, lots of jars!  The basement had boxes of empty jars, the trailers had jars with various chemicals & then I noticed a few jars had marine life in them.  Things were really getting interesting & then I went around the back of the school house where I found a garage that I hadn't noticed before.  This is where things got really creepy!

Stacks of decaying boxes began to reveal they were all full of jars.  Some of them were empty however MANY were filled with all sorts of aquatic life!  As I started pulling out the jars I was amazed with what I found.  Many of the boxes were labeled with dates from the 70's & 80's! I really wanted to spend more time going through them but the bugs were so bad, even with a heavy layer of DEET on!  A return visit once the seasons change will definitely happen!  Really enjoyed the Creepy Abandoned Research Facility!

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  1. In case you’re curious, I noticed the photo with the jar labelled MS222. MS222 is a kind of anesthetic for fish.

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