Abandoned Brady Bunch Mansion

Exploring the Abandoned Brady Bunch Mansion was a spur of the moment adventure!  Back in October of 2018 I met up with Carlo Paolozza & Ethan Minnie while I was exploring north Toronto area.   I was heading to another abandoned mansion & we all decided to meet up.  After a while they finally showed up & said they were late as they were scouting another house a few streets over.   After exploring this first house we headed over to the Abandoned Brady Bunch Mansion & successfully made our way in.

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The house was seemingly a side split with a stair way leading up to three bedrooms & then down to two bedrooms, laundry room, rec room with a bar & then down another level into the basement.

Of the two basement bedrooms, one stood out more than others with it psychedelic walls & ceiling & equally loud carpeting.  The second bedroom was a little more tame but speaks volumes from the era in which this house was built.

The upstairs had a master bedroom with a mirrored wall, a bedroom with wood paneling & then one bedroom with very funky carpeting & wall to ceiling striped paint!

On the main floor was a living room with a mirrored wall, a small dining & small eat-in kitchen.  Off the dining room was a staircase that lead to a billiards room.  I didn't take as many pictures here as I normally would as I didn't want to hold up Carlo & Ethan & did plan on a return visit eventually.

Here is the video from February 2019.

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    1. There are many tell tale signs. Over grown property, power has been cut, garbage dumped on the property, demolition fencing.

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