Owl Time Capsule House

The Abandoned Owl Time Capsule House is probably one of my favourite Time Capsules ever!  In 2019 I went with Zenning with Zay to see what if anything had changed!

For many years I knew of this house but never took the time to explore it.  Mainly because it was in a very remote area which I was rarely ever in & when I did happen to be there, I was only passing through with little free time.  Finally back in 2015 I took the time & stopped to see what if anything would be in there.  I am glad I stopped.  The first pictures are from the kitchen & a small bedroom just off of it.  The pictures are in order from 2015 to 2019.

Not a lot had changed in either room over the four years in between my visits.  As I moved on from room to room that is where some changes had occurred.  As I made my way upstairs the first room I entered was quite surprising.  Two dressers & a chair had since been removed from the houses.  These were beautiful pieces so I was glad that they had been repurposed.  Most of the beautiful China remained however some pieces were now broken.   One bonus of the missing furniture was some small items that were likely in a drawer I had completely missed on my first visit!

As I moved from room to room I continued to see further antiques had been removed.  Some rooms had nothing in them aside from a bed frame & mattress & not surprisingly remained untouched.  In fact, I was a little surprised that in the time span between my visits the decay didn't seem to be any worse than my original visit!

The bathroom was still strange to me with a large window which I feel was just an odd design.  Sure you can easily put up a curtain for privacy but it just seemed so odd.  The had a few things removed & on my second visit i didn't bother to take any photos.

Downstairs in two rooms I had not yet shown is where I really noticed things had changed.  This was where all the absolutely incredible items were located!  This first thing I noticed was the portable record was no longer there as well as some nice kitchen chairs.  The first three pics are from 2015.

It wasn't until I went into the main sitting room that I really noticed a lot of items had been removed.  It seemed for the most part that furniture & some random junk was the only items taken.  All the real gems were still there including some incredible portraits, the stuff owl & gramophone.  The below are six photos from 2015.

Here is the way it looks today.  So nice to see that all these incredible treasures were still there & the only things missing were the furniture which I feel was done by whoever owns the Owl Time Capsule House.

I then decided to start looking at some of the boxes & was absolutely amazed with what I was finding.  An old airman's leather helmet, dozens of trench maps & other military related artifacts that should be in a museum.  I have to say this was by far one of the most interesting places I have explored with so many unique/historic & down right amazing things left behind!  I hope it will remain mostly untouched as it has past four years for many more!

6 thoughts on “Owl Time Capsule House”

  1. Great to see inside. Like a museum. Leaves lots to the imagination. I see these abandoned homes all over in Ontario. Always wanted to go through them but I’m too chicken. So much historical stuff to look at. Lucky you. Great videos. I like that you keep the locations secret.

  2. So very moving and there is a story to be told here wish that more research and preservation of artifacts would be realized. Thank you so much for sharing. Lovely old home and could well be preserved and renewed

  3. Unbelievable! And astonishing how well preserved the antique artefacts are. Very fortunate that it’s so obscure that clearly not many people know of it to come and destroy it. Great find! 😀

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