Abandoned Squirrel Time Capsule

I first explored the Abandoned Squirrel Time Capsule back in 2018 with Zenning with Zay.  Located on a rural road surrounded by farm fields sits this lonely little house.  In the summer months it is almost completely swallowed up by greenery of trees & shrubs!  During the first visit it was spring so quite easy to get to the door whereas in the summer I wish I had brought my machete to clear a path!

The difference between visits was quite surprising & will be noticed if you watch the video & look through the pictures.  When we first explored it, the kitchen window was in tact however when I returned to shoot video it had been boarded up.  Fortunately I brought plenty of light with me to ensure a quality video!  I also noticed a few antiques had been removed such as the old crank telephone.

The main floor wasn't really that photogenic as there was stuff literally everywhere.  Couches turned upside down, random junk throughout which was the theme for most of the house however the real treasures would be found upstairs.

As we made our way upstairs & began to really look around, that is when the treasures started to reveal themselves!

There were all sorts of antiques but it took some effort to actually dig them out as things were jammed in corners or piled on top of each other.  I especially loved the old framed portraits.  It's sad to see these site long forgotten.

I was able to uncover some truly amazing finds.  One of the coolest items was a Toronto Maple Leafs 1932 Stanley Cup Puzzle & original box that was still assembled & only missing a few pieces.  There were also player portraits, a game program from Leafs VS. Bruins on Nov 20th 1948 & old hockey skates.

As I I dug further, I came across even more personal items including land deeds from 1870's, mortgage documents from 1903,  vinyl records & even a large collection of very old Valentine cards!  This is the sort of items that can be easily missed if you do not take the time to open drawers/boxes.  Although sad to see these items long forgotten, it sure makes for a very interesting explore!   I really enjoyed this Abandoned Squirrel Time Capsule!

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