In this page I will be featuring my Abandoned Drone Photography!  I've always bee a fan of aerial photography as it gives a totally different perspective on the subject.  Things look smaller, you can see areas that are not normally seen & to be honest, its just so cool!  But, I never thought I'd be able to get the chance with the heavy regulations imposed of drones.

Then at the end of 2019 DJI released the Mavic Mini!  This was pretty awesome as it was the lightest drone on the market (as far as I know) that could not oy be flown without a licence, but also had some great video capabilities!  I decided to pull the trigger & buy it which began my adventures in Abandoned Drone Photography!  Now that I've had the drone for over a year I decided to compile often never seen footage taken while out exploring!  Typically I use a small bit of the footage in my exploring videos but aside from one video, I haven't really used a lot!

Now I'm not going to lie, it wasn't easy to fly it at the beginning. The propellor guards caused more problems than anything but after I took them off, things were smooth sailing!

Stay tuned as I will be adding a new page for my drone landscape photography!