Abandoned Institutional Locations are really intriguing to me.  It shows how we deal with those who are deemed unable to be among us in society.  During the 1980's views on treatment of how people with developmental disabilities where taken care of dramatically changed.  There was wide spread allegations both documented & undocumented of physical, mental & sexual abuse along with horrific living conditions across most psychiatric hospitals.  It didn't take long for many of these facilities to begin shutting down later followed by government payouts to the living patients now under community care.  It certainly is a dark part our past but hopefully as we better understand these disabilities we can continue to care for our species in a humane & dignifying matter.


Institutional locations also cover prisons & jails where convicted criminals are housed to serve out their sentence.  The locations often close due to a change in government where they'd rather build "super jails" to essentially warehouse a maximum number of inmates in one centralized location.  Others are deemed too old & outdated & costly to bring up to today's standards.