Abandoned Aladdin’s Fading Castle – Toronto

The Abandoned Aladdin's Fading Castle is also known as Toronto's Weirdest House!  Zenning with Zay & I were out & about & decided to have a look for ourselves.  It was hit & miss getting in this place from what we heard so really didn't know if we'd be successful.  We arrived fairly early in the day but things didn't look good.  We could see a possible way in but the whole neighbourhood was outside doing yard work or going for walks.  It really wasn't a surprise considering its been weeks of lock down from the Covid-19 pandemic & the weather was nice!

With its Islamic mosque-inspired minarets, Greek ionic columns, and several statuettes from unknown cultures, the puzzling architecture of the abandoned Aladdin's fading castle in Toronto is as intriguing as the story behind its creation.  Located on a big lot in a desley populated neighbourhood is this 3,400 square foot castle.

The house fell into disrepair over the years as the health of its former owner Max Heiduczek declined. Now in his 80s, Heiduczek has sold the home he spent years perfecting and moved into a seniors’ home. Heiduczek bought the home, which was then an average one-storey house, in 1970. He travelled the world and became inspired by the variety of architectural styles he encountered along his journeys.

A realtor said "You can see he really had a passion for the distinctive and the unique." "He saw some architecture that kind of captivated him or impressed him, what he did is, he took that design and incorporated it into his home and over the years. What you really see is kind of more of an eclectic Mediterranean, matchless design.”

The abandoned Aladdin's fading castle features an indoor pool, numerous balconies situated over other rooms, and a grand staircase complete with coach lights and tapestries that Heiduczek installed after being inspired by a theatre in Europe.

A neighbour who grew up there said “It has been a disaster for the past 16 years,” she said. “At one point, maybe seven years ago, he was redoing the roof, but he was in his sixties trying to redo a roof. He would do like maybe a metre a day, hop off, and go back inside.” Although she doesn’t live down the street from Heiduczek anymore, McLeod can still remember seeing him wheeling his shopping bag down the sidewalk in the middle of winter wearing only a T-shirt and shorts on his way to the grocery store.  She said Heiduczek mostly kept to himself.

The abandoned Aladdin's Fading Castle was purchased in a private sale back in 2018, five months after Heiduczek moved out.  The price tag was $760,000 & the new owner plans on tearing it down.  As seen in the pictures, there is major water damage & the house is a hazard.

Both Zenning with Zay & I were quite surprised with how much decay there was in the Abandoned Aladdin's Fading castle & wouldn't be surprised is areas start to cave in.  It really is a danger to the neighbourhood for years of neglect.  We are happy to have finally had to opportunity to explore this amazing place before its gone!

4 thoughts on “Abandoned Aladdin’s Fading Castle – Toronto”

  1. Its sad how the house is so damaged. The mold makes sense because the old guy was sporadically repairing the roof himself. Maybe all the layers of wallpaper was an eccentric’s way of bringing a European or Mediterranean garden inside, so he could enjoy it all year round.

  2. I think that was your best explore ever. What a unique, ugly home-not homely at all.

    Oh, yah, one nosey question? When you gonna make Zay your wife? Glad to see you and her together.

  3. I have passed that property (if it’s the one in the area between Victoria Park and Pharmacy. Ave.) for years and always wished I could see inside. Didn’t think it was occupied. Some years ago apparently a naked man came running out of there. Sorry to hear it’s going. Wished someone could have repaired it. I think the decor is very interesting and oh so different. Europe is quite evident. Amazing.

  4. I really enjoyed the exploration video on this property it was so unique and I just had to share it on my fb wall

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