Abandoned Days Inn Hotel

The Abandoned Days Inn Hotel located in Pennsylvania was quite an an amazing place to explore!  It was the last stop Zenning with Zay & I made on a recent trip to the US before the lock down.  When we first entered to hotel we were a bit disappointed but as we made our way in deeper, it turned out to be AMAZING!!

Walking in the front doors things didn't look that great.  the lobby was a mess with boxes of paper cups strewn everywhere.  There was quite a bit of bad graffiti & general chaos.   To the left there was a small dining area for their continental breakfast which attached to the kitchen.  Beyond that was a tiny gym area & a large conference room.

Based on reviews, all mostly negative, the nightclub was frequented by locals & the place would rock late into the night earning many complaints from guests.  It seemed this place was more focused on keeping the locals happy than the paying guests.  As I continued to read the reviews it was becoming clearer as to why this place was abandoned.

Many of the complaints focused on how dated the facility was. To me that wasn't such a big deal considering some of the places we have stayed in on on our adventures!  There also seemed to be many issues with cleanliness.  Garbage cans in rooms weren't emptied when new guests arrived.  Reports of soiled towels & wash clothes.  In some rooms the was even mold growing on the ceiling!

It was pretty wild exploring the Abandoned Days Inn Hotel & seeing that they essentially just walked away one day.  A good portion of this 140 room hotel still had everything in place which was surprising considering it had been closed for 6 years.  The scrappers had their way with it by stripping out any copper they could find.

Now for the best part of the Abandoned Days Inn Hotel!  The indoor oasis as I call it!  This courtyard was surrounded by rooms & had two levels.  Each room on the upper floor had a patio that overlooked the oasis.  Those patios were mostly in terrible shape as the water getting in through the roof had rotted most of the wood.  Fortunately some were still solid enough I could sneak out & grab a few shots!

Both Zay & I absolutely loved the oasis & even took a break & sat pool side to have a drink!  The explore was pretty relaxed once we had confirmed that we were alone inside however upon returning home I started to do some research.  Turns out the day before we explore the Abandoned Days Inn Hotel, two explorer we arrested with trespassing here!  Then two weeks later another two were arrested! I must say we were pretty lucky having spent several exploring!!

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  1. I was the maintenance guy for the days inn after it was abandoned. When I first got the keys it was still a time capsule. All the beds were still made everything was still still clean like everyone was coming to work the next day. It was pretty Erie yet beautiful. Over a couple years as people started breaking in and the roof damage got bad it changed pretty fast. I was lucky to come in contact with some of my heros exploring with Josh, RNK all day, Dan bell. I value my time I got to spend there.

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