Abandoned French Countryside Manor

Exploring an Abandoned French Countryside Manor!

It was day three of a road trip to Quebec with Zenning with Zay.  The trip started early on Saturday morning with a few explores & a long drive to Montreal where we had rented a hotel room for the night.  The reason being, we, along with Freaktography were invited to an exclusive, invite only, strictly explorers party inside an abandoned factory.  This is an annual event & after several invites I was finally able to make the it & man was it ever an unforgettable experience!  Below is the group shot of this epic event!

Party Inside an Abandoned Factory

But this post is not about Urbex Malt.  Our second night was spent on the outskirts of Ottawa where we found a random field to car camp in.  The next morning we were up early & surprisingly refreshed despite sleeping in cramped quarters however the previous two days were exhausting so we desperately needed sleep.  After fueling up with some coffee we checked on a few locations that were a bust & then headed back into Quebec to drive with hopes of finding some awesome abandoned locations.  It didn't take us long!  After noticing a few barns down a very overgrown driveway we pulled over & Zay checked the map to see if there was anything more behind the dense treeline at the front of the property. Sure enough a roof could be seen but was it just another barn?  Nope!

We didn't really know what we had found as the overgrowth completely swallowed up the house but we could see it was big, unique & definitely abandoned! We easily made our way inside & the first room we entered was the kitchen. It was huge to say the least! There was a front door, hidden staircase upstairs & basement access along with access to the rest of this very large house. It appeared the kitchen was also used as a laundry room, with hydro likley being added at a later date.

Off the kitchen you enter a living room that had a very large area rug left behind & the main staircase with a small storage area under it.  The size of the rooms so far were quite impressive making me believe the original owners who built this were quite wealthy!  To the left of the living was the main entrance boasting a large walk-in area facing the stairs, with a bathroom to the right & another living room to the left.  An old television sits covered in bird poop in this VERY large room & note there were two other huge area rugs left behind.

As I made my way to the upper floor I immediately noticed the wallpaper drooping down over the staircase. Seems this previous owners loved their wallpaper as each room on the one side has covered from floor to ceiling in it. In fact, there were easily 3 layers of it! The natural process of decay from water getting in & the changing climate had caused the glue to let go making for some incredible shots! One thing that struck me was that this place was completely untouched by vandals. This was 100% natural decay, something that is rare to come across especially in a house abandoned as long as this one!

Now that I had completed my video & wide shots I then switched my lens & took some detail shots. Its not often that I do this but there were quite a few things that had caught my eye that I wanted to give extra attention to! Afterwards I went outside in an attempt to get exteriors however at this point black flies were out & they absolutely love me & quickly swarmed. I retreaded to the safety of the car after deciding what I could see of the house wasn't really worth the bites (which I still received a dozen). All in all this was an amazing explore of an untouched abandoned location!

Exploring is the mission, not a competition!

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  1. I don’t know how we missed this video. Wow!! This find is a beauty Riddim. I would love a kitchen that size. Lots of problems get settled over a kitchen table. Thank you guys for being so adventurous. God Bless

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