Abandoned Gas Station

On this adventure Zenning with Zay & I explore this Abandoned Gas Station!  This is a random find after we pulled off the interstate.  We were tired of the boring interstate so wanted to try our luck on the backroads!  Within seconds we found our first explore!


In the heart of a quiet, forgotten town lies a relic of the past, a decaying gas station that has long been abandoned. This mysterious structure, once a bustling hub of activity, now stands as a silent testament to a bygone era.

As you approach the weathered pumps, you can't help but be captivated.  The overgrown weeds and vines that have reclaimed the area. The dirty windows and faded signs tell a story of neglect. But they also exude a sense of eerie beauty.

Nature's resiliency has transformed the station's rusted metal and peeling paint into a work of art.  But also, its reclaiming it with small trees breaking through the asphalt.

The echoes of a distant past seem to linger in the air, as if whispering tales of road trips, hurried pit stops, and conversations shared at these pumps. The abandoned station invites you to ponder the passage of time and reflect on the relentless march of progress.

While its pumps may no longer dispense fuel, this abandoned gas station remains a unique and haunting reminder of the changing world around it. It's a place where the past meets the present, and where decay and beauty coexist in a captivating dance. But I should mention that this place does see  lot of activity!  While we were there, four other vehicles arrived! Two looking for gas & the others were dropping a kid off between parents.

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