Abandoned Moldy Time Capsule

This Abandoned Moldy Time Capsule was the last location of a road trip Zenning with Zay & I visited on a long weekend of adventuring a few years back.  This spot was given to us by Freaktography who had his eye on it for  while!

From the outside you wouldn't think this place as abandoned. It took a lot of scouting to determine that it was. Watching to see if the driveway was ever plowed,  whether cars cam & went, how the lawn is maintained.  After a while in became evident to Feaktography that nobody was coming or going.

As we opened the door we were hit with the smell of mold. We were warned about it but I was pretty surprised as it looked completely fine. We quickly put on our respirators & started our expore! The Abandoned Mold Tme Capsule was definitely a time capsule! The first two rooms were the living room & dining room & they were incedible!! There was a grandparents vibe in there.

Moving on into the kitchen I started seeing notes. These notes were reminders clearly for an eldery person who may have ben having memory problems. Things such as "No metal in the microwave" & "Fridge is broken". It was pretty sad seeing that. On top of that, things were still pristine. The story of this home was startng to reveal itself.

The front entrance was quite grand with a sweeping staircase!  To the left of the front entrance was a small office.  It was just so weird being in here as it looks like they had just stepped out.  Meanwhile, I was wearing a respirator as they air inside was very toxic.

As we headed upstairs, the air felt thick in the summer heat & I was thankful for having me respirator one even though I didn't know why it was so bad in there. The first bedroom I wet into was completely untouched, but that's when I noticed the hidden danger. The wall appeared to have a design on the wallpaper but on closer inspection, it was clearly black mold.

By now its pretty clear why this is called the Abandoned Moldy Time Capsule! I am not sure what actually happened here.  The things I do know was that there was an elderly person that last lived here.  It seemed that there was some early stages of dementia which I base solely on the numerous notes found throughout the homes.  The mold is the really mystery here.  Was the mold already growing in the house but not in pain site causing health issues to the residents? Was this the reason this seemingly perfect house is abandoned? There are quite a few unanswered questions here.

Saving the best for last was this bedroom!  It belonged to girl however it seemed as if it were let as in once she had moved out. The pink shag carpet was pretty wild!  It's been a few years since we explored this place.  We had driven by it earlier this year & things look the same.  It was a really interesting explore however I couldn't wait to get out into the fresh air.  Anyone going in here without breathing protection would be very sick in a short period on time.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned Moldy Time Capsule”

  1. The way its set up definitely looks like it was for an elderly person. Maybe even someone on hospice. It must have been too much for the family to try to move the belongings of their loved one out of the home. I will say this though. I love watching your videos! You are awesome!

  2. I’d love to see what the exterior of that particular place looks like! That’s a beautiful house, to bad they left it like that. The furniture is a nice classic style!

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