Creepy Abandoned Dome House

Early in 2020 I explored the Creepy Abandoned Dome House with Zenning with Zay.  This has been a place I wanted to explore for quite some time however I never actually took the time to explore it.  I honestly can't recall seeing that many pictures of the place that interested me however we had a plan to explore the area & all the locations we could find & this turned out to be a very interesting place!

The Creepy Abandoned Dome House isn't creepy on isn't creepy on its own.   In fact the dome is seemingly unfinished & a pipe dream by an eccentric artist!The architecture was very interesting though & I bet it would have been amazing if it ever was completed.  Outside the dome there is a small house with a couple small rooms.   It was very decayed, empty & boring. which is why there is only two interior shots of it.  Also on the property was a huge barn & often times I don't go into barns but this one I had to check out!

One the second floor of the barn tucked away at the back was what seemed to be an apartment with art studio.  It was very odd to say the least.  It was quite decayed but it was essentially still set up!  There were signs that someone may have used this place to squat in.  But, that may have just been the sleeping area for the eccentric who lived here.

Before we get to the weirdest part of this place, this is what I came upon when entering the barn on the ground floor.  A creepy eyeless doll missing an arm straddling an even creepier head!  The lower level of the barn did have some interesting however it was difficult to shoot.  But, I did film it all so you definitely want to check out the video!

The upper floor of the barn not only had the apartment, it also was jam packed with some of the weirdest items I have ever come across.  It was actually quite overwhelming to not only shoot but to actually walk around.    It seemed that this was a junk store however nothing about it seemed to be an actual store.  My belief about this place was that the property & buildings were owned & occupied by an eccentric who created interesting art pieces & kept virtually everything they ever came across.

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  1. I think you are right in that an artist was acquiring items to use but it looks like whoever it was slipped over the edge into hoarding. This was a great find. I wonder how they got that heavy old pump organ up two flights of steps. Really interesting find! Thanks for letting us go with you!!

  2. This home was being built by a couple who worked with the Stratford Festival. I grew up next door. The barn used to be the old saw mill. The small house used to be where the house keeper lived who looked after the gentleman who was a WW1 vet. He ran the saw mill and lived in the main house. After it was sold to the current owner who was a “cat lady” it eventually caught fire and the couple started to build the dome house. It was abandoned after the couple split. He has since passed away I’m not sure where the woman went.

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