Abandoned Prison For Women (P4W)

In 2017 my friends decided to take a road trip to the former Prison for Women.  We had a weekend long adventure where we spent the night in abandoned buildings.  Prison for Women was to be our explore for the second day of the adventure.

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This maximum security prison housed women, as per its name.  The first prisoner arrived in 1934 & operated with 10 directors over the 66 years it was open.  Allegations of inhumane treatment & chemical testing including the use of LSD on patients lead to the closure of P4W (Prison for Women).  The turning point was a riot in 1995 which started the closure with inmates gradually being moved to other correctional facilities.  One notable inmate at P4W was notorious serial killer Karla Holmolka.   After its closure in 2000, P4W sat emtpy for eight years until Queen's University purchased it with plans of using it for archive storage.  They tore down the perimiter wall but that was it.  Today the prison sits awaiting a new use.

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