Musicians Abandoned House

In early spring of 2023, Zenning with Zay & I explored this Musicians Abandoned House!

One thing I can say with confidence, ticks are a huge problem. In only a few years it seems the tick population has spread completely unchecked. I was completely shocked to have had one on me here. Anyways, this house was last owned by a musician!

There was quite a bit of stuff left behind.  It seemed to mostly be in the bedrooms & closets.  So many clothes left behind.  I believe that  in the yellow bedroom someone was squatting.  It would be a great place for it until explorers start nosing around!

Back on the main floor there was a few room that were not part of the original layout.  There was a room with the piano that I suspect was a music room! As well, there was a sunroom overlooking a small stream.

The rest of the house was still set up for the most part.  Its always sad t see this as it usually tells a sad story. This place leads me to believe the owner was moved into a smaller home.  This is common & what can't fit, stays.  They family picks through it all & the rest sits.  It's sad really but its life.  The property itself was sold to a developer who will erase all remains of this Musicians Abandoned House.  As if it never existed.

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