1960’s Abandoned Time Capsule House

Exploring an amazing untouched abandoned 1960's time capsule house! This is the sort of house you wouldn't expect much from however once inside I was totally amazed at what I had found. This is such an amazing time capsule! Everything was for the most part as the couple had left it before they passed away.

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The house did have some mystery to it. Most things I found in the house had a date of 1996 however there were a few items such as bank records & a lottery ticket from 2002.The couple, Gordon & Irene married & settled in Eramosa Township where they had a son. Gordon was a cattle farmer & his son carries on the tradition today. Gordon passed away at 84 in 1992 & Irene at 85 in 1996. Their son lives in a different house on the sprawling acreage & it seems he used the house perhaps to live in for a brief period of time.

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  1. Awesome find…and with that little bit of info u gave the house and pics tell the rest of the story..really enjoyed thnks…o and I LOVE the way u say ” house”…lol..

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