Abandoned Sexy Retreat Time Capsule

Abandoned Sexy Retreat Time Capsule!

In May of 2017 I was out on an adventure & as the day wound down I decided to have a look at a location I had found a few months earlier while searching Google maps for places to explore. I drove to the location & immediately noticed the driveway was quite over grown. This was a good sign! Parking a distance away, I hiked towards the driveway with hopes of finding something decent & not just a barn. I couldn't see anything from the road & the trees were in full bloom so I was either in for a surprise or just a nice hike in the bush.

As I reached the crest of an incline I immediately knew I had found something special. There was a house, a fairly big house that looked to be rather in tact. My heart raced as I felt like I was just walking up on someones house but at the same time I had just walked up a VERY overgrown driveway that hadn't been used in years. I circled the house looking for a way in & was about to give up until I rounded the last corner to find a door. I hold my breath, turn the knob & push. It opened! I stick my head in & call out "Hello?!". Nothing, so I proceeded to enter. As soon as I step inside I am in the kitchen & see this.

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I was shocked by what I had found.  This was by far one of the best Abandoned Time Capsule House I had ever discovered & explored!   From all the digging I could find, the family is still alive but the mystery around why the house has been left in limbo has been unanswered.  Perhaps one day I will solve the mystery!

7 thoughts on “Abandoned Sexy Retreat Time Capsule”

  1. WOW…and I mean wow hold on gotta stop crying so I can text………..k this place not the house its self but the belongings…r like I’m looking into a crystal ball of my past…my life right b4 our lives changed 4ever…my husband( now ex) was takin away to prison, I put it all in storage, got a divorce, then lost it all to storage…of course I had ALOT more collectables then this but wow my house was set up like this with the antiques intertwined with the modern wow it jus really hit me, ive never seen a place so much like everything I lost wow….thanks so much for the pics this was absolutely incredible!!!!! I had a bed like that.. a hope chest just like that…old tins…old bottles…old typewriter….jus wow…..( this is copy and pasted from zenning with zays ) I hadnt seen this video yet when I saw her photos…now it’s even bigger WOW…thnks so much guys…OMG and the hotwheels at the end….no joke I had my new collection on my bed jus last night!!!!! So weird I tell ya…..

  2. Astounding! I thought you had referred to is as a “sexy retreat” because of the mirror above the bed and I was expecting some …interesting…things. Not that this isn’t interesting but I think you know what I am implying. haha

    Frigging incredible place though!

  3. I am fascinated by this house. There is something captivating about it. It is warm and welcoming even in its abandoned state. Any update on the family or why this was left (it seems) so suddenly?

  4. I often wonder if maybe they couldnt pay the property tax. But the stove alone is peobably worth 4 to 5k. So many antiques and collectibles that could have been sold to pay bills. So im not sure what went on here. It bugs me. Its like i always want to know what happened to the owners. Seems someone could have kept up the place and maybe sold it before decay set in. Fascinating stuff

  5. As of November 2020 this place was ransacked to shit.
    I wish this kind of stuff stayed hidden so people would not go there and steal shit, or make videos for youtube showing close-ups of someone’s personal photos…

    1. For several years only three people knew about it including myself. Then as soon as others found it, they handed it out like candy on Halloween.

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