$4,000,000 California Ranch Style Mansion

Sitting on an acre & a half is this Abandoned California Ranch Style Mansion.  This was a c random discovery with the ever so lovely Zenning with Zay!  We were out & about scouting some spots when we spotted the tell-tale signs of a house that was set to be demolished.  The rain was coming down hard but that did not deter us so we decided to give it a go!

From the front it didn't seem like much.  Just an old bungalow & the grounds were pretty torn up.  In fact, the house used to be mostly hidden with mature cedar trees.  Around back we were surprised to see a large in ground pool nearly full with green water.

But, once inside it really opened up! I starting on the east side of the Abandoned California Ranch Style Mansion.  The master bedroom had a walk out to the backyard & featured a built-in gas fireplace & tv.  The surround for those was stone & similarly matched the wall mounted headboard.  There was also a master bath with a large shower stall.

Outside the mater bedroom was a bathroom featuring a shower stall & a Jacuzzi tub!  There were three other bedrooms of varying size.  The final one with the elephants on the wall was near the front of the home.  Oddly, the rest could be separated by a set of doors whereas this seemed to be a child's room out in the open.

On the west side of the house was the den.  This rooms was completely different from the rest of the house.  There was beautiful wood & built in cabinets as well as leaded windows!

The dining room & living room were quite interesting but the decor was dated!  Seemed like someone really liked pink & other odd colours from the 80's.  Also interesting was how it was all left behind!  I must say I did like the mural on the wall of the dining room, however, not in my own place!

My favourite part of the California Ranch Style Mansion had to be the kitchen.  Firstly it was huge!  Plenty of cupboard space & eat in area. Secondly & most importantly was the natural light!  The eating area was essentially a greenhouse!

Lastly I headed down to the basement.  There was a crawl space the went under the east side of the mansion.  A bedroom & furnace/utility room which similarly to the crawl space, I didn't bother shooting.  A laundry room with bathroom off it & then a huge living room.  This room seemed to be a party spot with a built in bar still with booze left behind.  In conclusion, this was a really interesting explore, however it will soon be demolished.  The property can be severed into two lots with plans already approved for two McMansions.

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  1. Just a guess, but I’m old enough to remember that in the late ’80s, there was a decorating style that involved painting a base color, then using a roller with a sculptured foam surface to paint a different color (usually a darker version of the same color) over the base. That’s sure what the pink part looks like, and maybe even the green stair rail (which also may have been supposed to resemble oxidized brass). That place looks like it was frozen in 1988!

  2. What is up!
    Greetings from Oregon.
    The molding around the ceiling is called Crown Molding.
    Love you guys!

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