Abandoned Wigamog Inn

Almost exactly two years to the day I returned to explore the Abandoned Wigamog Inn with Zenning with Zay.

We were on vacation & one of the places I had been wanting to revisit was the Abandoned Wigamog Inn.  We had first explored in back in 2018 & were curious to see what if anything had changed.  Needless to say it didn't disappoint!

One thing I was looking forward to was getting some drone shots of the resort but the weather was very unpredictable.  Here it was supposedly spring but we we driving through snow showers!  The wind would pick up out of nowhere & then suddenly stop.  Fortunately I had a small window of opportunity to get some shots!

In the 1860's the land in which this resort sits was settled by a family who started taking boarders for $3 a week.  This was the beginning of what was likely the most famous resort in the area.  As the other land owners took notice of the success & they too began opening up resorts on the lake.

The owners of the now Abandoned Wigamog Inn were doing well for themselves but decided to see the resort & open a new one.  They purchased land across the lake & opened up the first purpose built resort.  The area which the resort is absolute stunning but the amenities were few & far between compared to what is in the area now.

The resort were quite popular over the decades with families returning yearly.  Relationships were built with the owners & staff & traditions were created.  However, most of the resorts that once dotted the lakeside have mostly closed down.  With the rise of cottaging & ageing buildings, many of the resorts couldn't sustain their business.  This particular resort closed in 2011.

As mentioned, Zenning with Zay & I had explored the resort back in 2018.  It was pretty awesome back then but this time it was EPIC!  I was pretty excited to shoot this particular room! However, while walking in closer to the window my foot went partial through the floor.  The four pictures above really show the difference. The first two were from 2018 & the bottom two from 2020.  It was shocking to see how much the decay had accelerated!  The walls covered in black mold & the floor almost completely consumed with moss.

In addition with to the other rooms being decayed, the executive suite was significantly more decayed.  For example, the kitchenette's ceiling had come down quite a bit.  Similarly the bathroom in one suite also suffered the same consequence.  Back in 2018 I believed that this was still a salvageable building.  However, after our latest visit I think its a case of demolition by neglect.

Outside the executive suite was the conference rooms/  There was a smaller one & a much larger one.  Both have decayed a lot more than our first visit, however, the larger one suffered quite a bit more decay.  In addition to the decay, there was a large, hardwood table that has since been removed.

As with any abandoned location I always love a good staircase.  This one firstly, was exactly the style i like.  Not necessarily a spiral but similar.  Secondly it was big!  Lastly, there was decay!  Therefore to me it was EPIC!  Ticked all the right boxes!

There were a few rooms on the west end of the main building that were in far better condition to the rest.  That said, there was some decay in one bathroom!

Below the west wing there was offices & the main reception area.  Virtually everything was left behind here including a huge safe with fake money that could be used within the resort!  This area was still in decent condition & had not changed from our first visit.

Outside the main reception area of the Abandoned Ontario Resort was a lounge spot with a large fireplace.  Somewhere to gather, chat & get away from the noise just outside the main reception/banquet hall.  The hall did look different from our first visit.  Originally there was stacks of new toilets & other fixtures however those were no longer there.  The hall still was packed with furniture taken from the rooms within the main building or cabins.

Connecting to the banquet hall was the restaurant & bar area.  This was directly under the VERY decayed room upstairs with all the black mold & moss.  I was quite surprised how badly this area had become.  There is just so much money sitting here rotting away.

Next we headed down to the pool & gym!  The gym still had some equipment & aside from more decay, it remained the same.  The swimming pool area also seemed pretty much the same however I did notice more items had been tossed into the pool.

We ended our explore in the daycare area.  This seemed to originally have been a bar/restaurant at one time that was converted to a daycare for visiting families.  You could almost hear the laughter of children playing there.  In conclusion, the revisit to the Abandoned Ontario Resort was definitely worth it.  In fact, I took dozens more photos than our first visit as it just seemed so much more interesting!!  Below is the video from the 2018 explore!

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  1. Weird to see a place I know pretty well on your page! My parents met here in the 1950s, and I’ve driven by and/or visited it every summer. It has been sad watching it decay over the years. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Another amazing video. You can see how beautiful it once was. My 9 year old daughter loves watching your videos with me. She likes it when you say, ‘what is up guys’ ‘, in the mirrors. Keep up the fab work.

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