Abandoned 1830s Mansion

Hard to believe that it has been almost a year since Zenning with Zay & I explored this Abandoned 1830s Mansion! Our friend Freaktography had been in that area exploring a different location when he stumbled upon this one!  So not long after his trip we were packed up for a weekend adventure!

When we explored this Abandoned 1830s Mansion all we knew about it was that i was historic & very old. I gues you can say that was pretty obvious but we hadn't had the time to do any research before our explore! Once we got home though we were amazed at the history!

The mansion was built in the mid 1830's for the first mayor of this city. Built using yellow brick & stucco, the design was heavily influenced by Edwardian & Victorian designs.

As with many of such estates once owned by prominent people, they were repurposed over the decades. with two major changes during the first & second war. It served are a hospital during the first world war & then as a military post during the second.

The last purpose this gorgeous mansion served was yet another arm of the government. For five decades it acted as the head office for the region before operations were moved to a newer location.

Now, I have to say the woodwork in here was absolutely amazing! It was great to see that after have served so many different purposes, there till was a lot of the original charm!

AS with any explore I like to highlight the staircase but not all are epic. Fortunately, this one was! I love the style that wraps around like this one! Of course U shot t from every angle! Last but not least is the front doors! A nice solid set of doors to great your guests!

9 thoughts on “Abandoned 1830s Mansion”

  1. When I first saw this place I thought it was above Dundas on the escarpment off of Sydenham rd. But with the history it makes me think of the Niagara region.
    Beautiful place I would love to visit!

  2. Its absolutely amazing to see that History does not disappoint! Don’t miss the point of the amazing and beautiful woodwork and the structure that has withstood the hands of time! Thank you for this explore! This one was built with such care and stays stable.

  3. Any idea what the plans are for the building? It would be a sin to see it left to rot, or worse, demolished for cookie cutter mcmasion

    1. It won’t be demolished as it holds a lot of historical value. I suspect it will eventually be repurposed if people ever come to an agreement on what to do with it.

      1. Great news! Heartbreaking that so many of your finds end up in the landfill. Keep posting these amazing discoveries!

  4. I am very interesting in checking this place out but I am not familiar with the area is there any way you could tell me where it is

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