Crumbling Abandoned House

This Crumbling Abandoned House was a random find on a recent road trip with Zenning with Zay & Opie.  As we made our way up the overgrown driveway the house came into view. That's when I recognized it.  I had been here about 7 years earlier but couldn't get in.  This time we did!

This beautiful red brick house was built in 1911 putting it at 110 years old!  It seems that the foundation of it was failing causing a significant collapse of the bricks on one side of the house.  The foundation issues could have been the reason why this house was abandoned but I can't say it is with certainty.

After seeing the seeing the wall of this Crumbling Abandoned House I was concerned about the condition inside. Fortunately everything seemed structurally sound!

The house was quite big with high ceilings & big rooms! There was a large attic as well but I didn't bother taking pics as it was empty. On the second floor there were four big bedrooms as well as a bathroom. A round window by the attic stairs allowed for natural light to light up the stairs!

The main floor had to rooms that spanned the entire width of the house. These rooms were big & bright with an arched ceiling separating the rooms. The area by the front door was in terrible condition as the foundation had caved in & water was getting inside.

The kitchen there was big & bright which is pretty standard in the old abandoned house. Off the kitchen was the laundry room as well as a bedroom which looked as if it were used as an office. Just beyond the kitchen was a door leading outside where a bathroom was. All in all this was a pretty decent explore of a house that I had failed at so many years before. There's slways something satisfying about finally getting to explore a place that previously was a fail!

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  1. The windows above the bedroom door are called transom windows.
    As you said they were used to let hot air escape.

  2. So sad it’s just there. I wonder how it feels visiting the place when it’s dark ☺️ Do you mind sharing the address? Thanks

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