Abandoned Lakefront Mansion

On a very windy day Zenning with Zay, myself & Opie headed down to the city to explore the Abandoned Lakefront Mansion!

The Abandoned Lakefront Mansion is located in a wealthy neighbour with mature trees & multi million dollar homes.  The neighboourhood is going through a process where the original homes on large lots are being sold, demolished & rebuilt with massive mansions.

The property is close to half an acre with 250 feet of waterfront!  There isn't many of these old homes left in the area & when they do come up for sale, they're quickly snapped up!

As you walk into this mansion you pass through an enclosed front porch then into a modest foyer. Fro there you can head right into the family room which features a large stone fireplace & some serious decay due to a failing roof. One really cool feature was the built in record player & casette deck!THe cool thing about that was it could be played throughout the mansion via the intercom system! This is the first sign of the previous owners enjoyed to get down & boogie! Before we go further, lets back track down the corridor! When you walk in to the right, you come into this super cool bathroom with black & white tiles. Then beyond that two decent bedrooms. Both featured two closest which was odd as they didn't connect. Then, down the other end of the corridor was an office decked out in wall to wall wood paneling. Not my cup of tea but it sure was popular back in the day!

We then head on into the kitchen which was clearly still done up as it was when originally built! I mean some of those appliances are antiques! If you look to the left of the oven you will see a small window leading into another room. This was a pretty cool feature as it would be used for passing food into a prep area for parties! The parties, which I am sure were pretty groovy, were out in the next room where two huge windows overlook the lake! Then a smaller, yet equally bright with near floor to ceiling windows could accommodate overflow!

Now that we explored the main floor, its time to check out the upper level!  The wood was wall to wall & offered loads of storage space.  It was a really odd layout with the low storage in two of the rooms.  There were three bedrooms & three bathrooms, but, one bedroom did not have a bathroom!  The views from the master bedroom over the lake were stunning.  There was a wind storm when we were there which was pretty awesome to see! But, just imagine how amazing a thunderstorm would look!

The last place of the mansion to explore was the basement  It was actually quite large down there!  A fair sized party room, huge rec room & numerous other storage rooms!  Plus there was access to the garage & to bathrooms!  It was a real treat finding the old television in the basement!  All in all this was a pretty cool spot to explore!

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  1. This spectacular location is what this piece of land is about. The house is bizarre with all the weird cut up cubbies and the hated wood panelling.:The location is to die for. Thanks for the tour of this beautiful location. The house, to me, speaks to the time it was cobbled together but it is time to put something else in its spot.

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