Abandoned 1960s Colonial House

This Abandoned 1960s Colonial House was a random discovery Zenning with Zay & I randomly came across.  It was completely by chance that we found it.  We had been waiting to try another place but there were so many citizens out for a walk we decided to not waste anymore time so we left.  After maybe two turns down random streets we spotted this place & went in for a closer look!

Now looking at this place, it wasn't easy to determine if it was abandoned or not.  It seemed the driveway & walkway were cleared of snow & there were basketballs out front giving the impression the kids just ran inside for a minute.  But, to me I saw abandoned house.  The lack of snow is easily explained by the sun warming the asphalt & stone walkway.  The balls were just there, likely from local kids using the hoop & of course I spotted a window that was slightly open.  It was freezing cold outside so nobody would want the window open!  So I walked up as I often do & had a look.  Yep, she was abandoned!

Abandoned 1960s Colonial House

This Abandoned 1960s Colonial Home is one of thousands of empty houses in Toronto. After selling for a whopping 2.5 million dollars in 2015, it has sat. Slowly decaying.  This may seem overpriced, which it is, but this is also Toronto & for some reason people want to live there!   The neighbourhood where this house is has been changing over the last few years with many older homes being demolished for newer/bigger ones.  Some of the newer ones are in price range of 10+ million dollars!!

The house wasn't anything huge but it certainly was a fair size. The front living room stetched from front to back & had a nice fireplace with marble a mantel. If you walked straight in the front door you enter the dining room that leads out to a sun room through french doors.

The kitchen in the Abandoned 1960s Colonial House was very dated & small.  Definitely all original as was most of this place.  The carpeting in e front & stairs was added at a later date as I could feeling the buckling hardwood flooring beneath.

The upstairs here was rather small. With three bedrooms, two of which were quite small. I did take pics of them all but one seemed out of focus so didn't bother posting it. Then there was the bathroom! This was a seriously green room! Then to finish off the explore I check out the basement.  Much to my surprise there was a sweet family room down there! The fireplace was a nice touch & I bet it would be cozy down there in the winter!

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