Abandoned Resort Hotel

The Abandoned Resort Hotel had been on my radar for a few months.  I knew it was closing end of November 2020 but expected it to sit for a while.  Much to my surprise, they started clearing it out the very next day!

Built in 1970, this hotel had 372 rooms, dozens of conference rooms & of course, the amazing recreation area.  Despite being in the middle of the city, it had a Caribbean resort vibe to it.

As with most hotels, there rooms are not very exciting. Especially since they had all been cleared out after an auction. I only bothered with shots I felt were interesting!  After checking out the rooms I headed to the front reception area & surrounding conference rooms.

As you can clearly see, the power was still on as well as the heat! This made the explore of the Abandoned Hotel Resort rather pleasant, especially for being freezing cold outside!

I then headed into the kitchen which wasn't anything special. All the equipment was gone & it was basically an empty room. I then headed into the restaurant which was quite nice!

I then went & did a circle of the courtyard.  There was a bar, coffee shop & fitness gazebo.  As well, there was a piano lounge where you could chill out & listen to the tunes!

Now for the best part! The courtyard!  This was an amazing space that had all the amenities you would need for a mini vacation!  It was a resort within the city!  Reaching five storeys, you could us the pool, sauna, hot tub, fitness gazebo or just relax with a drink!

This was such a fun space to shoot!  The light was amazing the shear size of it was overwhelming!  I was even able to get my drone up while there to grab a few shots & video.  But, due to the abandoned resort being a massive building of concrete & steel I was limited to how high I could take it.  Without a gps reading it's limited to how high it can get & also not very easy to fly!  Funny thing, it was roughly a year ago when Zenning with Zay & I explored another epic abandoned resort!

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  1. Would love to know the story of the stilleto heels on that box spring..! Were they found like that? What a weird thing to be left behind. If a guest had left them prior they’d be in lost and found or something, you’d think. Just super odd. No mention of that anywhere!

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