Grandpas Abandoned Cabin

Hidden pretty much in plain sight is Grandpas Abandoned Cabin.  It was bitterly cold when Zenning with Zay & I visited but it was worth it!

It amazes me how places can be almost right in front of you yet you don't even notice them. This was the situation with this place. We had passed it dozens of times on the highway however we never were really looking for places to explore as we had other plans. It wasn't until recently Zay told me about a house she had spotted & we should go check it out! We parked a distance away to make an unnoticed entry to the property. As I went down the steep embankment at the side of the road I got all tangled up in the waist deep snow & feel face first! It was pretty hilarious & a great way to start!

Aside for the cabin, there was a decent sized trailer & two cars on the property.  Unfortunately the care were completely covered in snow & it would have taken too much effort to clear them off.  But, the trailer was accessible & essentially a time capsule!

Grandpas Abandoned Cabin was relatively small but it was packed with a lot of interesting items. At one time it was untouched but those days are long past. It was pretty cool to see the towels still hung & the bathroom items still ont he shelves of the vanity.

From there we enter the sunroom & then over to the kitchen. If you watched the video you will notice that there is a theme throughout the cabin. You may be able to spot it in the pictures so let me know if the comments if you do!

The living room here was pretty awesome!  So much decay & of course everything left behind.  There were so many interesting little things.  I would have liked to spend more time going through it all but it was pretty messy & of course, freezing!!

Despite being quite small, there were three bedrooms in the cabin.  The first I checked was likely a teens room, possibly the granddaughter who I suspect was caring for her grandfather.  This room had movies more geared to young adults or even teens for that matter.  Then there was the master bedroom.  It seemed to have been for the grandfather based on clothing in the closet as well as the decor.  There was still one more bedroom which is likely for guests.

bunk beds

Now this bedroom was weird At first I didn't notice it but then I realized that if you were to sleep on the top bunk, you better hope the ceiling fan wasn't on!

All in all it was a pretty interesting explore.  Not often do you find places with so much left behind & somewhat untouched such as the bedrooms.  The decay was awesome but the cold as brutal!  A great little spot & a time capsule!

4 thoughts on “Grandpas Abandoned Cabin”

  1. Lots of art and reading materials there and I suspect someone was making some of those ornaments too. Creative souls. Love to know their story — what happened to Grampa and Steph? Did she go on to become a great artist or writer?

    Is there anything you can tell us about them?

    Well done. Be careful!

    1. Unfortunately there was no online information. I was able to determine his wife was a long time legion member & he served in the second world war.

  2. That’s a lot of chicken and ducks in there. And that’s probably what you meant ?
    Has that place really been abandoned since 2000? Incredible and a nice find!

    1. haha yes! The theme there was definitely chickens…well birds! I originally thought 2000 but we found a calendar from 2005. Still a very ling time!

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