Abandoned Highway House

In late 2019 Zenning with Zay & I came across this Abandoned Highway House.  It was a completely random find but on or visit I didn't do a video.  I regretted it after we left so in mid 2020 I was in the area & shot one!

My first visit here was in December & it was odd that there was no snow yet. In fact it was just a few days before the start of 2020 & where this is located there is usually a good amount by then.  This was good because we were able to drive right into the property.  My second visit was in the spring & the snow piled along the highway blocked me from driving in.  Fortunately I could get the drone up for a few shots before the wind picked up!

The Abandoned Highway House is similar to many abandoned farm houses we come across.  There is a standard square design that seems to have additions put on over the years.  This one had a huge porch & sunroom added, along with a dining room!

It really didn't look in that bad of shape on the outside!  Sure, the property was overgrown but the house itself looked to be in decent shape.  That all changed once we went inside!

The main floor had that huge enclosed sun room at the front of the house. There were some old board games in there which seemed right. It was the kind of room you could sit in during a wild storm & enjoy some family fun! The kitchen was tiny & I'd hate to have cooked in the but you make due with what you have! There was a huge bedroom on the main floor as well which was likely not it's initial purpose but over the years things changed!

The upstairs was rather small & underwhelming. There were only two bedrooms & a bathroom! Unfortunately the picture I took of the bigger bedroom was out of focus. You're not missing anything! I did enjoy the pain peel on the bathroom door!

Lat but certainly not the least was my favourite part of this abandoned house.  The dining room was clearly an addition & I feel it was poorly done.  Judging by the amount of decay localized to this area I would say the roof was bad!  The floor around the table was very soft so I didn't venture in too far.  That said, I just loved the natural decay!

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  1. Excellent blog! Lol I was wondering if you were going to find something scary when I saw those vultures flying around though!

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