Abandoned Two Million Dollar Home

This Abandoned Two Million Dollar Home has been one of the most illusive locations to date!  For easily two years I had tried to explore it. Finally, when the 2020 lockdown started my opportunity came!  Unfortunately Zenning with Zay was working that day.

This home is located in an area where the entire neighbourhood is slowly being modernized with new mansion being built in place of these older homes.  It might be hard to believe the price tag on this place but it also boast a 1 acre lot backing on to a ravine!

When I tried to take my drone up to do some video & takes some pictures, I had an error message that was new to me. Apparently I was near an airport & in order to take it above 30 meters I had to text the airport to get an authorization code. Pretty wild but makes sense for liability!

The grounds had been prepped for demolition for several years.  This is what gave it away to me initially.  See, you can't just chop down trees in the city!  So tree protection fencing is put up but its been so long the fencing has been falling down.

I started my explore on the upper floor of the Abandoned Two Million Dollar home & much to my surprise, many of the rooms were quite small. There were four small bedrooms & then a master bedroom which was quite large. It featured a walkout which I didn't try as it was super sketchy looking! There was also a shared bathroom between two of the bedrooms as well as a master bath.

I then head down to the main level. This area seemed much larger than the upper floor. Likely because so many small bedrooms were crammed in the top floor. Rooms downstairs were quite big. There was one thing that really bother me about this house. The stairs! Yes, I am a fan of tairs however these just spilled out into the foyer blocking half the walking area! I am sure it was a later upgrade but certainly not a well thought out one!

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