Abandoned Ontario Country Home

While out adventuring with Zenning with Zay we came across this Abandoned Ontario Country Home!

This house is located on a busy road & is surrounded by farmland.  That farmland is being sold to developers & often times it includes houses such as this one.  We were hesitant to try this one despite it looking somewhat abandoned,  Both Zay & I have had some unexpected run-ins thinking homes were abandoned!

I started off the explore on the upper floor of the home.  This house was quite a bit bigger than it looked from the outside but the upper floor didn't seem so.  There were 4 bedrooms, a small lounge room off the master bedroom & two bathrooms!  A bathroom on the upper floor isn't all that common in these old farm homes.  Two are almost completely unheard of!  Another thing I noticed was the extensive wallpaper throughout!

Moving down to the main floor of the Abandoned Ontario Country Home you can't help but notice the wallpaper however it was not flocked!

Right away we were amazed by the size of the kitchen!  It was huge even with the island!  It could easily accommodate a large family around a table!   Off the kitchen to the front of the house was a large enclosed porch.  There was access to the basement as well as a few steps down to a front door.  Back inside the main house there was a smaller room I suspect was used for an office then beside that was a laundry room.  At the back of the house was beautiful family room with exposed beams!

Overall the house was in pretty good shape but there were signs of its age & neglect. My belief with this place is that in the near future it will be demolished & the lands around it developed. A send trend set by the need for housing.

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