Abandoned Ranch Mansion

The Abandoned Ranch Mansion is situated on a massive piece of property in an area surrounded by many other massive expensive mansion.

When Zenning with Zay & I visited this mansion I suspected it was related to nearby mansion estates but I wasn't sure how.  From my research, it turns out this was originally stables for the enormous estate!  Although this may sound of major historical relevance, it turns out to have none.  It seems the main estate hold all the historical value.

The Ranch Mansion Grounds

The grounds were massive with numerous out buildings.  These were sheds & other buildings used for storage for the main estate.  But like the Abandoned Ranch Mansion, they were later converted for other uses.  The largest out building also appeared to have been converted into a dwelling but we couldn't get in to confirm it. The large inground pool was added after the mansion was converted from stables. To me its pretty amazing that the stables were so big that they could be considered mansion once converted!

The Guest Suite

The explore started in an area that I assumed was an in-law suite. It was basically separated from the main house & fully functioning on its own.

The Ranch Mansion

The main house seemed to have been last in a state of renovation. It was all in pretty good condition aside from se broken windows & paint peel. The kitchen would have been absolutely amazing when finished! The beams, circled window, loads of windows & sheer size of it would not only be great for cooking, but also allow for plenty of space to eat & entertain! Let's face it, the kitchen is often the place to be when you have people over!  While exploring I noticed the windows to the right of the staircase (last pic) had odd doors.  To me, they looked like stable doors!  The kind where the top could pen for the horse to put its head out. Or open them both to let them out!  It was pretty cool that they had left these up t pay homage to the original use!

The Ranch Great Room

My favourite part of the mansion was the great room. This was likely a place where the family spent most of their time together. The half wrap around upper balcony was a different feature & really only led to furnace rooms on either side. But there were reading nooks! THe fate of this place is sealed as there is currently no historical value unlike the estate itself. At a time the commintee rejected demolition attempts even when their own heritage investigation turned up zero historical value! I suspect that the nearby residents don't want this massive piece of land turned into housing which would increase the traffic in this mostly quiet area.

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