Abandoned 1960s Lakefront Mansion

In early 2023 Zenning with Zay & I headed to the big city where we explore this Abandoned 1960s Lakefront Mansion!  I wasn't exactly sure what to expect for it but it turned out to be amazing!

This mansion is located on a court of a wealthy neighbourhood along the shores of Lake Ontario.  It's one of those stories we often see with homes like this.  The original owners lived out their lives here up until it was no longer possible.  Then its sold & will be demolished for a new, bigger mansion in its place.


One thing in particular about this Abandoned 1960s Lakefront Mansion that I loved was the decor.  This was 100% locked in time with seemingly minor upgrades over the decades.  The living room had a massive window which allowed plenty of light in & complimented the dark furniture left behind.   The China hutch was massive & not at all surprising to find it left behind.  same goes for that enormous book case!

The carpeting upstairs was pretty wild!  Dark red through the front side with a deep blue in a bedroom.  The rest of the flooring was a hardwood style common for the era it was built.  But it wasn't until the basement where this Abandoned 1960s Lakefront Mansion gets its name!  The basement was so incredible & would have been a hopping spot for parties!  The bar, dancefloor & shag carpet was amazing  There was even a carpet shagger rake which was a first for me!  Pretty amazing spot!

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