Military Plane Graveyard

On this adventure Zenning with Zay & I explore this Military Plane Graveyard!

This place is quite interesting as its a working specialty automobile shop but there is also a museum on site.  The museum had a sign that said it could be opened by appointment. But it certainly looked like it has no been open in a while.

It was realy cool to wander the grounds checking out the various vehicles.  As well, the many states of decay they were in!  A lot of the cars/trucks etc all seemed to be project cars.  Some never started & others seemingly abandoned.  Aliso a likely possibility is these are all parts cars!  It was unfortunate nobody was working that day as I would have liked to get the info right from the source!

The cars were awesome but the planes were amazing! I was in awe looking at these. Massive war birds rotting away. I guess its not really surprising that abandoned planes are few & far between. They're not cheap for one thing & aren't under as much wear & tear as road vehicles! But the Military Plane Graveyard had more to share!  I thought we had checked everything out but we were wrong!  Somewhat hidden down a hill & behind  barn is where some real gems were found!

These were some real beauties! So old & decayed! It was really a cool site to see. This location was definitely a nice one & I am glad to have finally gotten out to see it!

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