Forgotten Country Homestead

Surrounded by fields sits this Forgotten Country Homestead.   This once beautiful home was a great explore for Zenning wth Zay & myself!

This relic of bygone days stands tall in the surrounding fields of soy. Weathered walls whisper tales of yesteryears.  Vines crawl, embracing the homestead's frame. Windows here were remained unbroken, but the elements still find their way inside.   Nature reclaims its space, thriving.  The front porch was completely consumed with vines in such a manner it seemed as if it were carpeting!

Inside, creaking floorboards hint at footsteps once echoing laughter. Dust & decay cover most surfaces.  Stained walls show where once a large collection of photos were displayed.  Likely generations of those who had lived here or visited over the decades.

In the yard, wildflowers bloom, painting the landscape in vibrant hues.  This Forgotten Homestead, once vibrant, now rests in serene solitude. The stories it holds remain untold, fading into obscurity.


Birds sing a melancholic serenade, the only audience to its silent history. A peaceful, poignant beauty lingers here, in this Forgotten Country Homestead.  We often wonder what became of the previous owners.  Did they move into a city? Did they pass away?  Or did they retire & move to a warmer climate.  Many unanswered questions with abandoned places.

The future is likely many more years of decay.  Although the bones are good, nature i relentless & unforgiving.

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