Abandoned Aldi Supermarket

This Abandoned Aldi Supermarket was a random & interesting find!  After spending the night in Montreal, Zenning with Zay & I decided to take a quick trip into the US for a little exploring!  We figured it would be a nice change from the usual route home, plus who knows what we would find!

There really isn't a lot that can be said about this location.  It seems that there was previously another large store at the same property at the south end.  The Aldi was shutdown & moved into town about 3 miles south.  I did some looking around online & it seems this was once listed as a cross-border shopping location.  My guess is that when the mall/outlets were really popular, these "outskirts of town" places made sense.  Less congestion in the actually small towns that often ere not built to manage a lot of traffic.  But as times change, it made more sense to be in town closer to the true custom base.  Although there wasn't a lot to see at the Abandoned Aldi Supermarket, it was still an interesting & unique explore!

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