Abandoned 1960’s Time Capsule House

During the winter Zenning with Zay & I headed out to explore some rural houses.  This is one that Zay had previously explored however it was new to me!  As soon as I walked inside I became quite excited with what we were about to explore!

The kitchen was filled with mostly old appliances as well as & furniture as well as some relatively newer items & junk stored.  The house was filthy however not too badly decayed considering its age & how long it has sat.  Critters had made their way in as with majority of abandoned house but it wasn't a disgusting mess!  The bathroom, which was to the right of the stove doubled as a laundry room & at first I thought it was afterthought but it seemed to have just been built outside the main living area as there is a doorway into the cellar.

As I progressed deeper into the house I entered the living room.  I would expect that this is where the family spent the most time as there was numerous pieces of furniture, tables & a piano.

It was all quite interesting & then I started noticing smaller details & items that were in the room.  Old record players, radios, & typewriter with hand written notes.   These item were quite old as with everything I had so far discovered.

Off the living room there was two bedroom.  The first wasn't all that interesting although it did have most furniture left behind.  The second however was really cool!  There were several old board games in a basket showing signs of use & decay.  Plus, I noticed something under the cabinet which turned out to be a mummified cat!

I then ventured upstairs where I found three bedrooms, all which still had their own unique items left behind.  The first had some old tokens, band member photos & a few pieces of furniture.  The second had a dresser with an absolutely amazing old television & the last had a dresser, bed frame & stacks of player piano music rolls!

It was such an enjoyable explore, especially when you come across so many old items left behind!  Although things were not as the owners had left them, I still consider this a time capsule as it was like stepping back in time when exploring this house!

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