Abandoned $6,000,000 Mansion in Ontario

Here is an amazing abandoned $6,000,000 mansion I discovered a few months back.  Although there has been quite a few abandoned mansions popping up on social media, this is one of the very few that actually have decay & don't resemble real estate photography.  This mansion has been abandoned for quite a long time allowing for some major decay inside however looking at it on the outside you would never know.    I had previously kept the exteriors off this post but I am comfortable sharing them now!

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This mansion sits in a neighbourhood with many others suffering the same fate however unlike many, this one has been abandoned for quite some time.  The roof has deteriorated in areas allowing the elements to wreak havoc on the inside.   The basement is flooded with at least 3 feet of stagnant water likely caused by a burst pipe.

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

The mansion has at least 6 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms with 3 staircases & 3 kitchens.  The basement may have even more however it is completely impassable without a boat!

In all there were three staircases inside.  The main staircase was incredible!  As you know I am a huge fan of the spiral staircase & this one certainly delivered!

5 thoughts on “Abandoned $6,000,000 Mansion in Ontario”

  1. Thank you for an amazing tour of what once was someones ‘visions of grandeur’.
    Sad to think so much money, time & mostly the dreams are lost. Just makes a person wonder what happened to cause abandonment. (I, too, love staircases)

  2. Either polygamists lived here, with each wife having her own kitchen and living space, or else an older couple with grown children/spouses living with them. No sign of children having lived in the house though, so my best guess is the latter scenario. Interesting!

  3. Thanks for sharing your video’s with us over here in the UK. We would not get to see your part of the world otherwise.
    It is so sad to see so many abandoned homes in your neck of the woods and beautiful one’s at that. People must have more money than sense to walk away and leave so much behind.
    We wish you good luck & happiness in your new home and hope you are all settled in. Take care both, stay safe and a big Thank you.

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