Abandoned $3,000,000 Murder Mansion Time Capsule

While out on a day of exploring we decided to check our some houses that could potentially be abandoned.  We were losing daylight so these would strictly be scouts for future visits.  In a very wealthy neighbourhood we came across a mansion with the driveway filled with snow.  It was apparent that nobody had cleared any the entire season!  This was a good sign!   For a brief moment there was a break in the traffic which I used to my advantage & ran up to the house to have a look.  A snow shovel at the door made me uneasy & I hesitated for a moment.  I then looked in a front door & was relieved to see the obvious signs of abandonment!

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The layout is a very large side-split that seems to have been built sometime in the 1960's.  There isn't many rooms but they are all quite large & bright.  The decor throughout is dated, original & very funky!  The large kitchen was super bright & offered plenty of prep space!

The family which lived here was quite wealthy & opened a very successful Canadian based company.  The houses has been abandoned for a few years now after being taken off the market because it just wouldn't sell.  I have done research into the home & do know what had happened here however in order to protect the family, victims & house itself I have chosen to keep those details out of this post.

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  1. Hello. Saw most of your pictures they all rock will take me some time to click the likes on all of them!!! On this home and info on how much it might be for sale for or an address? Let me know. Thanks an be safe and careful. ??

  2. Bom dia, gosto muito dos vídeos.mas, gostaria que tivessem legendas seria muito bom obg

  3. I really enjoyed the tour, and of course my curiosity will have me digging deeper into the tragedy behind it,,

    Thank you

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